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Happy Birthday Flo →


"I’ve never had my palm read because I’m always too scared, but I like the idea of a heartline. you can connect to someone’s heartline and that would guide you home. Like a line of the flesh."


On this special occasion which is Florence’s 28th birthday, we created a small website where you can find the results of our birthday projects: poster, special instagram account and short movie. 

Now, we’re counting on your support. Let’s make little spam on Instagram! We ask you to add our colorful stamped hand-print pictures with annotation: @ouhoh @happybirthdayflo and tagged #heartlinesforflorence #happybirthdayflo

The above tags you can use also on Twitter (it should look like @flo_tweet #heartlinesforflorence #happybirthdayflo) and Facebook.

We hope that with your help Florence will notice and appreciate our gift! And now, let’s celebrate!

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Happy 28th Birthday Florence Leontine Mary Welch (28/08/86)

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If you do something with your whole heart and it’s a mistake, you can live with that.

Happy 28th Birthday, Florence Welch!

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Happy Birthday Florence Leontine Mary Welch (August 28th)

" For someone with such a huge voice on stage, her sweet, politely-accented voice was a surprise. But then, with Florence, surprises are usually the point."

- Louise Stewart about Florence Welch (x)

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27-02-2011 Elton John’s 19th Annual AIDS Foundation Oscars Viewing Party, Pacific Design Centre LA

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Anonymous asked: goodness gracious, lanscape is such a beautiful song, it feels like being transported through time and space to some impossibly perfect world that may exist somewhere in the universe, florence is absoulutely astonishing, like if william blakes drawings came to life through her songs, it penetrates so deep into your soul you are gloriously enraptured forever in that uniqueness only florence can create!



… i don’t even know what to comment this you’re just spot on wow 

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